Plecarea mamei (Romanian)

Toți trebuie să ne cinstim părinții. Este porunca Bibliei, înrădăcinată și în bunul simț. Cinstirea părinților noștri înseamnă a-L onora pe Dumnezeu, înseamnă a spune: “Doamne, Tu ai aranjat cele mai bune circumstanțe pentru viața mea”. Voi scrie aici despre mama mea, nu atât despre dragostea și multiplele ei virtuți, cât despre atitudinea ei fațăContinue reading “Plecarea mamei (Romanian)”

When Democracy Fails

There are a number of sacred caws which dominate the minds of most Americans: free market, democracy, progress, capitalism, freedom. Neither of these are bad in themselves, on the contrary, they have produced better fruits compared with their opposites: controlled economy, authoritarianism, stagnation, socialism, social control. The problem is when we make them into sacredContinue reading “When Democracy Fails”

Chain of Friendship Beats Unjust Punishment

This was happening in Romania, in 1975, when, at the age of nineteen I was doing my military service. After three months of basic training in a military unit, we all dreamed not of great acts of courage in battles, not of promotions, not of decorations, but of our kind and compassionate mothers who pamperedContinue reading “Chain of Friendship Beats Unjust Punishment”

Three Beautiful Songs Which I Detest

Here are three songs, well-known and with a powerful impact in the generations in which they first were first played. They have beautiful tunes, which are in perfect harmony with their message. These are the songs which we occasionally find ourselves humming, sometimes to our own surprise. They all have powerful messages which mold theContinue reading “Three Beautiful Songs Which I Detest”

Healing the Ethnic Wounds – The Turks

As I have announced earlier, I will write about reconciliations between nations, including only the cases closer to me, as I was born and grew in Romania. For most of its history, Romanian fought the Turks. They were our fierce and feared enemies. Our grievances After the Ottoman empire moved in Europe (finally conquering Constantinople)Continue reading “Healing the Ethnic Wounds – The Turks”

My Job Interviews

One can find articles, on internet or in various magazines, which advise job seekers how to behave during an interview. There are of course good behaviors, making a job offer more probable, and bad behaviors, which would rapidly disqualify a candidate. The articles offering advise often concentrate on fine points, with the assumption that thereContinue reading “My Job Interviews”